Jordi Alcaraz

Jordi Alcaraz is a Catalan artist born in 1963 in Calella, Spain. With an ever-growing international profile, he has exhibited widely in recent years, having shown in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA, Switzerland and Spain.


Alcaraz's work can be seen as the product of much history and influence, imbued deeply in culture and processed into a modern, conceptual output. His work is appealing initially because of its poetic aesthetic beauty; the pieces have been carefully considered in their creation, and executed in myriad materials, demonstrating the artist's powerful need for precision in communication.


The artist constructs a fine and specific harmony between weighty, tactile physicality and quiet consideration. Alcaraz is ultimately commenting on language and the language of art. His use of reflection, distortion and unusual mark-making connect Arte Povera, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. A common working trait of his is the hands-on manipulation of materials such as glass, ceramic or acrylic, where he uses different processes to break, melt, puncture or warp the materials, imparting onto them his lasting, authoritative and strong presence.


Jordi Alcaraz is represented by Pelaires Centre Cultural Contemporani,