Joe Clark

It is common for Joe Clark to work with a profound manipulation of the viewer's emotional responses; his works are engaging yet ambiguous, an unsettling combination but one which makes for incredibly interesting psychological exploration in the viewer. His subject matter is often obscure, and executed with an unnatural awareness of geometry and the visual effects on the human mind of symmetry, light and subtle aesthetic.

Clark's images are sleek, impressive and almost overwhelming, with a semi-satirical capitalist feel to them, but with seedy, gritty hints that undermine their quasi-futuristic, industrial and often hard-to-determine subjects, giving to a provocative and dubious (but thoroughly intentional) lack of conclusions.


Joe Clark was born in 1982 in RAF Wegberg, BAOR, and has completed two residencies and been presented with a number of awards.


Joe Clark is represented by Workpklace Gallery, UK,