Stephen Walter

Stephen Walter, a British artist currently living and working in London, creates elaborate drawings that are a web of symbols and words; luring the viewer into the artworks' intricate world. The catalyst for these works is a fascination with maps and the cultures that produced them, the history of map making and its source materials. These 'shared environments' reflect the ever increasing politics of space, convenience culture, the artist's own obsessive tendencies expressed through symbols. An interest in the urban, art, music, sport and rave cultures; druid and other sacred sites, and places of natural beauty, fuel his love of public space as a shared environment and a shared knowledge.


Similands is a spoof reproduction of an historical map commenting contemporary Britain. The vision of The British Isles is of a large suburb highlighted by map symbols, logos, well known sites, buildings and local folk-laws. The distinctions between different areas is given by its lowest common denominator and with stereo-typical humour. Whilst it feeds the fascination of its viewers and the imagination of place, its comments on convenience culture and the increasing monotony of British high streets and Barratt-style homes, SUV's and value meals.


Collections include: Victoria and Albert Museum; The British Museum; The British Library; Deutsche Bank, London; British Art Government Collection; Houses of Parliament Museums, London; Trussardi Foundation, Milan, Italy; Hiscox PLC, UK; Soho House, Berlin and London; London Transport Museum; David Roberts, London; Cyril Taylor, Taylor Owen, UK; London Borough of Barnet Public Collection, UK; Royal College of Art Drawing Collection, Royal College of Art Printmaking Collection, London; University of Manchester Library Collection; Asticus Collection, UK.


Lit: The Drawing Gallery. TAG Fine Arts. V&A Collections.

Stephen Walter is represented by TAG Fine Arts,