Veru Iche

Veru Iché was born in 1972 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. She began watching art films and taking Polaroid photographs at the age of eight, under the influence of her artistic parents, who immersed her in a world of stories, light and mood. In later adolescence she began studying photography and darkroom techniques with photography teacher Carlos Barbeito, though she can justly be described as an experimental autodidact, with dreams and memories as the driving forces behind her work.

"It is important for me to create images that can suggest other stories, often much more incredible than my own; I try not to control all the spaces, because for me the viewer's inventiveness sacred. My photographs are the result of many processes, starting with an analogue shot and chemical developing methods, which I later alter with stains and scratches. In some moods I add my own photos to the collage, and finally I digitalise the images and once again alter them to achieve a distressed look to locate the narrative somewhere between reality and fiction. A photograph is simply a frame from a great film, which aims to capture the essence of the entire journey."

Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Centro Cultural Auditorium, Mar del Plata, Argentina; Galleria Doppia V, Lugano, Switzerland; and Blanca Berlín Galería, Madrid, Spain, among others.

Lit: Ivory Press,

Veru Iche is represented by Pelaires Centre Cultural Contemporani,