Yuliya Zastava

Yulia Zastava is a Russian artist born in Moscow in 1982. Zastava works in wildly different mediums, frequently in painting or video, creating works that combine conceptual explorations of psychology and psychedelic style.


Her key artistic focusses are on the human emotional state, and what can happen within the human consciousness when it is devoid of emotions.  Her drawings and paintings are intensely detailed, forming an odd paradox within themselves given their highly dreamlike qualities. They come across as a series of remembered scenes which, given their disturbing or impossible qualities, unsettles the viewer. But it is this unsettling that is Zastava's true intention; in evoking this feeling, she makes the viewer question the validity of their own memories and provokes them to delve into their own mentality. One is given the choice to look away from the artworks and brush them off, suffering a troubling niggling, or to confront the questions that they inevitably subconsciously pose in order to unearth the real psychological truths.


Artist website: www.juliazastava.com