Eduardo Stupia

A masterful draftsman, the award-winning Eduardo Stupía has been active for over 30 years, having had his first individual exhibition in 1973, when he gained notoriety with a nightmarish comic. Later, the artist shed all texts and started a process of miniaturization in the representation of objects and characters, a process that became more and more labyrinthine and indiscernible.


Stupía's work, populated by enigmatic presences of uncertain meaning, developed outside of trends and "isms", eventually turning towards colour and painting. His works evoke wildly differing emotions, hinting at half-remembered stories and leaving the viewer to fill them in with their own memories and experiences. They are paradoxically confusing and uniform, lonely and crowded, overwhelming yet commanding.


Eduardo Stupía was born in 1951 in Argentina, where he lives and works. He had his artistic training at the Manuel Belgrano School of Fine Art in Buenos Aires and has shown work at local and international level since 1972.


Eduardo Stupía is represented by Galería Jorge Mara, Argentina,